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Your Path to Self-Recovery : Easy-to-Follow, Step-by-Step Self-Recovery Guide that will help you claim your money back.
November 5
It Worked!

Fortunately, a friend recommended Money Back Experts when he discovered I lost £‎1600 to a forex scam. I think I was about to kiss that money goodbye but with the Money Back Experts Guide I was able to make a great claim for a chargeback and it worked!

Beatriz Peters
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    Who We Are?

    Money Back Experts is an organization dedicated to helping scam victims claim their stolen funds. Our goal is to provide individuals who have been scammed with the right tools and knowledge they need to claim their money back and avoid future scams.
    We have made it our mission to make our years of experience and expertise accessible and affordable to anyone who needs them.

    After years of experience in fighting for scam victims and successfully claiming stolen funds, we have witnessed that the institutions that are supposed to protect individuals from being scammed are failing them since they are continuously allowing their clients to suffer loss rather than proactively preventing it. On top of that, they are keeping the process vague, time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating, leaving individuals feeling helpless and alone making it almost impossible for people without professional help.

    We know scams can be a devastating experience with huge losses and psychological damage leaving the victims dealing with fear, shame, lack of trust, confidence, and mental strength.

    In addition, most scam victims are unaware of their rights and don’t know they have options and as a result, they do nothing. Unfortunately, professional assistance is not easily accessible.
    At MBX, we take a proactive approach to solving this global problem. We have created an Easy-to-Follow, Step-by-Step Self-Recovery Guide making our vast experience and know-how in helping victims of all kinds of scams claim their money back. Accessible & affordable to everyone, our Self-Recovery Guide is based on a comprehensive database with countless successful cases, providing individuals with the most efficient and professional assistance possible.

    Throughout our careers, we have encountered countless victims whose rights have been denied. It is our core belief that everyone deserves equal rights and the chance to make things right.

    Remember: You are not alone and you have the right to claim your money back.

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    How Can We Help

    Our Self-Recovery Guide provides an end-to-end solution for dealing with a dispute process and gives a deeper understanding of the claim process. The guide also includes detailed explanations of what happened and how, explanations of your scam type, the right steps for claiming your money back, case preparation, personalized case documents, dispute instructions, soft skills, and how to be safe and avoid scams in the future.

    The process is straightforward and requires no prior knowledge. Simply review your case for free, follow the claim process step-by-step, and claim your money back.
    Since every case is different and has its own nuances, we first review every case for free to see if it is possible and worthwhile to claim your money back and if it is we will customize your guide according to your case. The guide will help you claim your money back step by step in the easiest and most professional way.

    In cases that are more complicated, we also offer a Cyber Investigation Report. Scam victims who have experienced cybercrime might need a Cyber Investigation Report that provides an in-depth analysis of the cybercrime thus helping victims understand the scope of the scam.

    By providing a clearer picture of the case, the Cyber Investigation Report empowers scam victims to take more informed and strategic actions in their claim process, ultimately increasing the likelihood of success.

    Our team of professional cyber intelligence and online forensics analysts possess extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with cybercrime cases. They use advanced tools and techniques to uncover critical information about the scam and the scammers involved.

    The Cyber Investigation Report can be a game changer in collecting more evidence, as our team follows the money trail and uncovers hidden connections, making it easier for victims to build a strong case against the perpetrators.

    The insights gained from the Cyber Investigation Report can help victims safeguard themselves from similar scams in the future, raising their awareness and improving their overall cyber security posture.

    Who Can We Help?

    Money Back Experts Self-Recovery Guide is designed to assist anyone who has suffered a loss due to scams or fraudulent activities, regardless of the scam type.
    Money Back Experts is here to help you claim your money back and provide guidance on how to prevent future scams.

    Our Clients’ Privacy:

    At Money Back Experts, we prioritize the privacy and security of our clients’ information above all else. We understand that as scam victims, you are on high alert and may be hesitant to trust anyone with your personal details. Rest assured, we take your privacy concerns very seriously and strive to create a comfortable and trustworthy environment for our clients.

    To ensure the highest level of privacy and security, we adhere to strict GDPR protocols and maintain the highest cyber security standards so your personal information will not be exposed or shared with any unauthorized parties.

    We also recognize the importance of sharing your story to help others successfully claim their money back and avoid the scams that you have encountered. However, we understand that you may not want to reveal your identity publicly while doing so.

    To address this concern, we respect and accommodate your need for anonymity while sharing your experiences. Our team will help you share your story without disclosing your personal information using AI-generated videos, ensuring a comfortable and secure way for everyone to share their experiences and help others.
    In our commitment to protecting your privacy, Money Back Experts ensures that you can confidently seek assistance and guidance while maintaining your anonymity and safeguarding your personal information.


    • Miguel Gutierez

      I was afraid the guide would be too complicated and that I wouldn’t be able to use it. Since it didn’t cost much I decided to buy it, and I’m sure glad I did. It was a breeze to read and I could understand everything. It really opened my eyes, and it helped me prepare for my case.


    • Patricia Rupert
      United Kingdom

      I lost £‎3000 and for me, that was a lot of money and I couldn’t find any help. Luckily, I discovered the Moneyback Experts guide and I immediately bought it. I can say that it helped immensely. After reading it I was ready to bring up my case against my bank, and I felt confident. I am in the middle of a negotiation and I couldn’t have gone so far without this guide.


    • Ann Mitchell

      Thanks to the Moneyback Experts Guide I got my $2600 back from my bank. I don’t think I would have succeeded without it. It cleared things up and it gave me the right information to pursue my case.


    • Alexander Simons

      I tried to hire professional service, but I couldn’t get help as I lost €2600 to a crook. I was caught up in a romance scam and I had to do something. I bought the Money Back Experts Guide and I took matters into my hands and now I’m in dispute with my bank. Fingers crossed!


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      How Long Does the Process Take?

      Since each case is different the timeframes may vary from one case to another. On average the claim process takes from 3 months to a year. You should arm yourself with patience, be motivated, and don’t let them break you.

      Is Case Success Guaranteed?

      Each case is individual with different circumstances and chances of success. This is why we are reviewing all cases for free before you purchase the guide. That is also the reason why every guide is customized according to your specific case to maximize your chances for a successful claim. The success of the case can depend on the time frame, transfer methods, your commitment to the process, your evidence, whether you follow MBX guide instructions properly, and more. For this reason, Money Back Experts does not accept any liability or legal culpability regarding any outcomes that might occur as a result of disputes with relevant institutions, chargeback processes, and bank transfer recalls.

      How Much Does the MBX Guide Cost?

      We first review all cases for free as each case is different and not all cases are worth the fight. To maximize the claim chances of success and avoid unnecessary costs for our clients we customize the guide according to your case. Since some cases are more complicated than others the prices may vary. Some more complicated cases may require additional services like a cyber-security investigation report or if need be, more consultation hours. In any case, there are no additional hidden fees that will be charged at any time.

      Why Do I Need to Review My Case First?

      The goal of MBX is to help scam victims claim their money back successfully. As each case is different and unfortunately not all cases are worth the fight. Since our clients have already lost their hard-earned money, we would like to review your case before you purchase our guide to avoid any unnecessary costs. In addition, we will customize your guide according to your case to maximize your chances for the successful claim process of your funds.

      Will I Get All of My Money Back?

      Each case is individual, and its success may vary. However, while some individuals get fully reimbursed, some cases resolve with partial reclaim.

      Dose MBX Have Customer Support?

      Yes! you can contact us at [email protected] or call the number +14044008849 and we will be happy to assist you with any inquiries and requests within our business hours.

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