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I was afraid the guide would be too complicated and that I wouldn’t be able to use it. Since it didn’t cost much I decided to buy it, and I’m sure glad I did. It was a breeze to read and I could understand everything. It really opened my eyes, and it helped me prepare for my case.

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    The internet can be a highly dangerous place. Why do you think so many professionals, companies, and governments invest so much money into online safety?! It is true the internet has made it easier for people to connect and transact with each other, but it has also created new opportunities for scammers to deceive and steal from unsuspecting victims.

    Money Back Experts have helped scam victims time and again. We have interacted with countless people who were under stress and emotional turmoil because they have lost their money and with it their stability. We can tell you that the overwhelming majority of these troubles started online.

    When browsing the web or spending time on your favorite social media you should practice extra caution because you might be one click away from being scammed. For this reason, the MBX team wants to present the most common online scams so you can learn to recognize them and avoid them.

    Most Common Types of Online Scams

    Nowadays, we spend huge amounts of time on the net, and that is why most types of fraud have moved to cyberspace. The MBX team has dealt with cases in which fraudsters repurposed old techniques of money extortion and simply gave it an online form. Regrettably, it works. To make the problem worse, the field of internet schemes is as diverse as it is vast. Still, we are going to present you with a list of the most common types of online scams.

    MBX Tip: Educate yourself on various forms of online scams! By realizing something is fraud in advance, you can save yourself and your loved ones from loss and trouble.

    Phishing scams

    One of the most common types of fraud that affects people regularly is phishing. That is an attempt to trick targets into giving away their personal and bank information through fake emails, texts, or websites that look like they are from a trusted source.

    MBX investigations have shown that a considerable number of various scams involve phishing as their starting step. We insist you take extra caution with phishing attacks, as a single absentminded click can result in things far more dangerous than a pesky virus on your device.

    MBX Tips – Never click on links or download attachments from unsolicited emails or texts, and always double-check the URL of a website before entering sensitive information.

    Investment Scams

    This is an umbrella term that covers a wide array of fraudulent practices. There is a lot of literature that states that investment scams target people’s greed. The MBX team can tell you this is not the whole truth. Many of our clients fell for investment schemes not because they wanted to get rich, but because they wanted monetary security in difficult times. Whatever the reason, victims of investment scams need help.

    Investment fraud can come in all kinds of forms and scripts, but underneath it all, they always present themselves as unique investment opportunities with high ROI. In reality. they are fraudulent schemes designed to steal your money. They can cause immense monetary damage causing ruin to individuals, families, and even communities.

    MBX Tips – Always do your own research before investing, check the background of the investment opportunity and the people behind it, and never invest in something you don’t understand.

    Lottery and Prize Scams

    Old scams get new life and increased effectiveness, and lottery winnings schemes are a perfect example. Now crooks can contact a vast number of people thanks to emails and apps so they spread their money-grabbing hooks. The scam works as follows. Fraudsters contact people out of the blue, with emails or phone calls, claiming you have won the lottery or a prize! However in order to claim your winnings, you have to pay a fee or provide personal and credit card information.

    MBX Tips – Note that you never have to pay to claim a prize, and never provide your personal or credit card information to someone you don’t know.

    Tech Support Scams

    In this fraudulent scenario, scammers contact people posing as tech support representatives. They lie that the target is in danger and that they’re there to help and they ask for remote access to the victim’s computer or that they pay for unnecessary services.

    Though this type of con has been around for quite some time, the MBX team has noticed that it really took off in the past several years.

    MBX Tips – Never provide access to your electronics, personal, or bank account information to unsolicited tech support, and only get tech support from trusted sources.

    Charity Scams

    Unfortunately, these unscrupulous schemes are quite old. In the majority of cases, charity scams soar in numbers during a specific crisis, catastrophe, and troubling times of war. These horrible cons pretend to be from a legitimate charity and ask for donations, but the money goes to the fraudsters instead of the charity.

    MBX Tips – Research the charity before making a donation, use the charity’s official website to make a donation, and never send cash or provide credit card information over the phone or via email.

    Romance Scams

    Also known as online dating fraud, this is a highly dangerous type of scam because it can cause severe psychological damage along with monetary losses. We highly advise you to read our page dedicated to Romance Scams, but here we will explain the main point of this love scheme. Fraudsters posing as potential romantic partners use emotional manipulation to force people into sending them money or sensitive information. This type of scam is always done online through social media and chat apps, and the victim and the scammer never meet in real life.

    MBX Tips – Don’t send money to someone you haven’t met in person, and never reveal sensitive information to someone you just met online.

    Employment Scams

    Be extra careful when browsing for job ads online as you might encounter fake employers who trick people into providing personal information or money all under the excuse of the hiring process.

    We at Money Back Experts feel sympathy for all the victims of employment scams and we wish to help. Mainly because people end up in these cons since they have been looking for a job and are usually in problematic situations.

    MBX Tips – Research the company and the job opportunity, and never provide personal or credit card information to an unsolicited employer.

    Crypto Scams

    Cryptocurrency is constantly growing in popularity and scammers exploit this. Basically,, crypto scams involve fraudsters posing as legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges or investment opportunities and they trick people into sending money or revealing sensitive information. Of course, this topic deserves a much larger spotlight.

    We advise you to visit our page dedicated to cryptocurrency scams where we explain these widespread schemes in greater detail. Money Back Experts is dedicated to fighting scams, and we want to help people avoid losing money regardless if it is digital or fiat funds.

    MBX Tips – Always research the exchange or opportunity before investing, only invest in reputable exchanges and opportunities, and never send money or reveal sensitive information to someone you don’t know.

    Online Shopping Scams

    Just take a moment and consider how much shopping is done online today. With so many sites and social media profiles that promote selling goods, chances are some of them are scams. We all love finding great deals in online shops, but sometimes the offer is too good to be true. These scams involve fraudsters posing as legitimate online retailers and tricking people into paying for fake or non-existent products.

    MBX Tips – Only shop on reputable and secure websites, and never send money or reveal sensitive information to someone you don’t know.

    Don’t Let Online Fraudsters Win

    Yes, the internet is a dangerous place, but you can’t get disconnected and live in a cave. Money Back Experts is here to spread awareness about scams and proactively help people avoid fraudsters as much as possible.

    However, even with all our effort, people still regularly fall victim to scams and for this, we present you Money Back Experts Step-by-Step Guide which empowers scam victims to start their own claim process. Don’t let scammers win and reclaim your stolen money.

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