Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Does the Process Take?

Since each case is different the timeframes may vary from one case to another. On average the claim process takes from 3 months to a year. You should arm yourself with patience, be motivated, and don’t let them break you.

Is Case Success Guaranteed?

Each case is individual with different circumstances and chances of success. This is why we are reviewing all cases for free before you purchase the guide. That is also the reason why every guide is customized according to your specific case to maximize your chances for a successful claim. The success of the case can depend on the time frame, transfer methods, your commitment to the process, your evidence, whether you follow MBX guide instructions properly, and more. For this reason, Money Back Experts does not accept any liability or legal culpability regarding any outcomes that might occur as a result of disputes with relevant institutions, chargeback processes, and bank transfer recalls.

How Much Does the MBX Guide Cost?

We first review all cases for free as each case is different and not all cases are worth the fight. To maximize the claim chances of success and avoid unnecessary costs for our clients we customize the guide according to your case. Since some cases are more complicated than others the prices may vary. Some more complicated cases may require additional services like a Cyber Investigation Report or if need be, more consultation hours. In any case, there are no additional hidden fees that will be charged at any time.

Why Do I Need to Review My Case First?

The goal of MBX is to help scam victims claim their money back successfully. As each case is different and unfortunately not all cases are worth the fight. Since our clients have already lost their hard-earned money, we would like to review your case before you purchase our guide to avoid any unnecessary costs. In addition, we will customize your guide according to your case to maximize your chances for the successful claim process of your funds.

Will I Get All of My Money Back?

Each case is individual, and its success may vary. However, while some individuals get fully reimbursed, some cases resolve with partial reclaim.

Dose MBX Have Customer Support?

Yes! you can contact us at [email protected] or call the number +14044008849 and we will be happy to assist you with any inquiries and requests within our business hours.

Dose MBX Charge a Success Fee?

Absolutely not! MBX is not charging any success fees so all the reclaimed money is absolutely yours. We are here to help you get your money back with minimum costs.

Who Can Benefit from MBX Guide?

MBX Self-Recovery Guide is relevant to anyone dealing with online scams. We would like to review your case first to see if it is possible and worthwhile to claim your money back. If it is, we will customize your guide according to your case. The guide will help you to claim your money back step by step in the easiest and most professional way.

How Can I Get My Money Back?

You need to follow the MBX Guide instructions and claim your money back.

Who Will I Get My Money Back From?

Most likely the money you have sent to scammers is long gone. Our methods of claiming back your lost funds involve Alternative Dispute Resolution. We found it much more effective to claim your money from the intuitions that were supposed to protect you from executing these transactions. The guide will help you speak their language and exercise your rights accordingly.

What Type Of Scams Dose MBX Guide Cover?

All types of online scams. You can find more information on our website or talk to our experts for a free consultation.

Is MBX Guide All I Need To Claim My Money Back?

MBX Step-by-Step Self-Recovery Guide has all the information you need on how to claim your money back: from Case Preparation, Customizable Templates, Dispute Instructions, and Soft Skills to our experts’ know-how and best practices.

How Do I Know It Is For Me?

You simply fill in the case review form and we will assess your case and let you know what is the best guide for you. You can also leave your details and get a free consultation from our experts.

How Can I Do It On My Own Without Prior Knowledge and Experience?

MBX Guide is based on years of experience and a database with countless cases. It is designed to help scam victims claim their stolen funds. The Guide will help you step by step and lead you through the process of claiming your money back without the need for any prior knowledge or experience.

Do I Have To Do It Alone?

You are never alone! The Guide is designed to help scam victims claim their money back in the best way with minimum costs. Our customer support and our team of experts are always here for you to guide, support, and motivate you until you feel you got this.

Is This A Legal Service?

MBX is not providing any legal services since most cases don’t require it. MBX Self-Recovery Guide was created with the support of experts like investigators, cyber security experts, lawyers, bankers, credit card providers, and more to create the ultimate guide and maximize your chances of recovering your funds with minimum costs.

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