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Start Your Path to Self-Recovery. Easy-to-Follow, Step-by-Step Self-Recovery Guide that will help you claim your money back from scams.
November 2
Money Back Experts Guide made all the difference.

I was completely lost and I felt I was out of options. The bank simply blew me off. I tried contacting several money retrieval agencies but they told me my case was too small for their services. I lost £‎3000 and for me, that was a lot of money. Luckily, during my research, I discovered the Money Back Experts guide and I immediately bought it. I can say that it helped immensely. After reading it I was ready to bring up my case against my bank once again, and this time I was persistent and confident. I am in the middle of a negotiation and I couldn’t have gone so far without their help.

Patricia Rupert
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    Start Your Path to Self-Recovery

    Scams can have devastating monetary and emotional impacts on their victims. At Money Back Experts, we understand the frustration, and helplessness you may feel after falling victim to a scam. That’s why we’ve created the MBX Self-Recovery Guide, a comprehensive, user-friendly solution to help you reclaim your lost funds and safeguard yourself against future scams.

    Our self-recovery process can serve any individual who has suffered a loss due to online fraud. Money Back Experts Step-by-Step Self-Recovery Guide is specially designed to provide information, insights, and instructions to the victims of scams. This guide provides an insider view of a dispute process and thus gives a deeper understanding of the claim process.
    Our guide shortens the time for case preparation and increases the chances of successful disputes.

    Claim Your Money Back with MBX Self-Recovery Guide
    • Easy to Use
      Our guide is designed to be a self-explained, user-friendly, step-by-step process that requires no prior knowledge and everyone can do it.

    • Based on Success
      Developed from years of experience in assisting scam victims, our guide is grounded in a comprehensive database of countless successful cases.

    • Customizable
      The MBX Self-Recovery Guide can be tailored to your specific scam type, ensuring a personalized approach to your unique situation.

    • Efficient
      Save time and avoid unnecessary paperwork with our streamlined, end-to-end solution for managing the dispute process which increases the chances of successful disputes.

    How MBX Self-Recovery Guide
    Can Help You?

    The MBX Self-Recovery Guide offers a complete solution for understanding and navigating the claim process by providing:

    • Detailed explanations of various scam types and how they operate.

    • Step-by-step instructions for claiming your money back including disputes, chargebacks, recalls, and more.

    • Case preparation and personalized document templates that will help you speak the bank’s language.

    • Comprehensive guidance on dispute processes and appeals.

    • Tips for developing soft skills to negotiate and communicate effectively with relevant institutions.

    • Strategies for enhancing your online security and avoiding future scams.

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    Who Is MBX Self-Recovery Guide for?

    Money Back Experts Self-Recovery Guide is designed to assist anyone who has suffered a loss due to scams or fraudulent activities, regardless of the scam type. Money Back Experts is here to help you claim your money back and provide guidance on how to prevent future scams.


    How Long Does the Process Take?

    Since each case is different the timeframes may vary from one case to another. On average the recovery process takes from 3 months to a year. You should arm yourself with patience, be motivated, and don’t let them break you

    Is Case Success Guaranteed?

    Each case is individual with different circumstances and chances of success. This is why we are reviewing all cases for free before you purchase the guide. That is also the reason why every guide is customized according to your specific case to maximize your chances for successful recovery. The success of the case can depend on the time frame, transfer methods, your commitment to the process, your evidence, whether you follow MBX guide instructions properly, and more. For this reason, Money Back Experts does not accept any liability or legal culpability regarding any outcomes that might occur as a result of disputes with relevant institutions, chargeback processes, and bank transfer recalls.

    How Much Does the MBX Guide Cost?

    We first review all cases for free as each case is different and not all cases are worth the fight. To maximize recovery chances and avoid unnecessary costs for our clients we customize the guide according to your case. Since some cases are more complicated than others the prices may vary. Some more complicated cases may require additional services like a cyber-security investigation report or if need be, more consultation hours. In any case, there are no additional hidden fees that will be charged at any time.

    Why Do I Need to Review My Case First?

    The goal of MBX is to help scam victims claim their money back successfully. As each case is different and unfortunately not all cases are worth the fight. Since our clients have already lost their hard-earned money, we would like to review your case before you purchase our guide to avoid any unnecessary costs. In addition, we will customize your guide according to your case to maximize your chances for the successful recovery of your funds.

    Will I Get All of My Money Back?

    Each case is individual, and its success may vary. However, while some individuals get fully reimbursed, some cases resolve with partial recovery.

    Dose MBX Have Customer Support?

    Yes! you can contact us at [email protected] or call the number +14044008849 and we will be happy to assist you with any inquiries and requests within our business hours.


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