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Furry Fraud Foiled – A Couple’s Inspiring Rebound from a Puppy Scam with MBX’s Help

By John
April 7, 2023
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Ryan and Lauren from London had been planning to make an important addition to their family for two years. They were finally ready, they were going to adopt a puppy! Ryan started working from home, while Lauren’s company went hybrid. They could spend more time at home and tend to the little pupper and properly train him. Not to mention that they were comfortable enough to support a furry little friend. Lauren would spend hours on Instagram and Youtube watching dog videos, and the sight of a dachshund would simply melt her heart. It was settled that was the breed they were going to adopt. Though they were teeming with enthusiasm, the search for the cute little fellow seemed to be more complicated than they thought. The breeders were either too far away, or they were expecting a new litter in a year the soonest.

The couple was severely disappointed but undeterred, nonetheless. They spent whole evenings searching, daydreaming, and watching photos of puppies. One day while Lauren was browsing through a dachshund hashtag on Instagram she stumbled upon a post claiming that a new litter had just been born and that they would be available for adoption in a month, and the breeder suspiciously named Puppy_Lovex12 was in the vicinity of Bath, less than an hour and a half away by train. Lauren and Ryan were over the moon, they thought their luck had turned around. Little did they know they were in for a huge disappointment and stress.

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Puppy_Lovex12 account was filled with photos of various pictures of dog breeds, pups, and happy owners cuddling adopted puppies. It was all quite heartwarming. The account had thousands of followers and it was ripe with positive comments praising how the breeder had made so many families happy with lovely and healthy dogs. Lauren immediately DM’d them inquiring about the puppies. A lady named Patricia was behind the profile and the couple got into frequent chat sessions with her on Instagram. It turned out that 4 out of 5 puppies had already been reserved, and only the cutest little thing, named Dot, was left. To complicate things further, Patricia explained how two other families were interested in the remaining puppy. Ryan and Lauren were afraid they could lose their chance for adoption. However, Patricia provided them with a unique offer, they could pay for the puppy in advance and thus secure that they would get her. The couple asked for some time to consider, but in the following two days, they received a barrage of DMs with the cutest pictures of Dot and several warnings that other families were asking for her. Ryan and Lauren felt enormous pressure. Not to mention the sight of clumsy little Dot pulled their heartstrings. They decided to go for it, and they accepted Patricia’s offer. It all happened so fast.

Patricia asked for £2000 in advance. Curiously enough she insisted the couple pay only through a bank transfer. Ryan obliged. Patricia said she would take care of the transport and she would be bringing little Dot to them in a month. Patricia kept the couple posted, but after two weeks a problem arose. Patricia asked for additional funds, £700 to be exact, for vaccination, paperwork, and transportation services. Lauren was livid. Patricia should have warned them of additional costs, or she should have stated the full price in advance. Ryan calmed her down. They could already see their life with Dot by their side, and if it took £700 extra, so be it. Once again they paid through a bank transfer. Another 2 weeks passed, and the little Dot was supposedly on her way. Ryan and Lauren were so excited they couldn’t sleep. Their home was filled with dog toys and treats. The day of Dot’s arrival came and passed, but the dog hadn’t arrived. They worriedly DM’d Patricia, but she didn’t reply. Soon after Lauren realized that Puppy_Lovex12 disappeared from Instagram, and along with it Patricia vanished without a trace. Ryan and Lauren were in shock and it became apparent they got scammed for £2700. What was worse, they were never going to meet their dream puppy. After a week of quarreling and negative emotions, the couple decided to do something. They reported the crime to the police and received nothing but a sentimental ’’sorry’’. While the couple was searching for the solution they discovered Money Back Experts Step-by-Step Guide, and it was the right thing for them. The scam took a considerable portion of their savings, so they welcomed a solution that didn’t cost much. They bought the guide and together they spent 2 weeks studying it and preparing their case. When they felt ready, they went to the bank and activated their claim process. It took them additional 2 months but they managed to reclaim their money. Now they are saving it for a lucky pupper from a reputable breeder.

**Disclaimer** – The cases you are reading on our site are testimonials that have been voluntarily provided by satisfied users of Money Back Experts Step-by-Step Guide. For privacy reasons, the real names of people and places have been altered. However, in certain cases, we have kept the name of the scam to spread awareness of their fraudulent activities.


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