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Sweet Success – Bouncing Back from a Loan Scam

By dusan
April 13, 2023
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Lily Hughes was just several steps away from fulfilling her life-long dream of setting up her own bakery in Norwich. She had been working diligently for two years and she was about to see the fruition of her labor. She took out a mortgage on her home, acquired all the necessary paperwork and permits, bought an extensive list of baking equipment and tools, and she found a great place to rent for her business.

Though Lily could do wonders with pastry, she wasn’t that great with finances. Everything seemed to be in place, but she was £10,000 short. The landlord insisted on an advance payment for the premises. If she couldn’t deliver she would lose the spot for her bakery. Of course, Lily had to do something.

She tried borrowing money from her friends and getting another loan from banks but she hit one dead end after another. During her chase for the much-needed cash infusion, she stumbled across Cash Flex Loans. Unlike other lending services, this one didn’t insist on bothersome red-tape approvals and credit scores. They were offering easy access to money, and their rates were also quite attractive. Lily was saved, or so she thought.

Her loan was immediately approved, but there was just a small issue of transaction fees. All she had to do was pay £180 and she would receive her much-awaited loan. She didn’t think much of it and she paid, but nothing happened. She emailed the Cash Flex customer complaints service, and she got into correspondence with a woman presenting herself as Joceline Green.

Joceline apologized for a clerical error and explained that Lily had to provide several details for the transaction to work. The lady from customer support sounded quite kind and reassuring, so Lily obliged and answered all her questions. Little did she know that she was giving out personal information to scammers.

As a cherry on the cake, Joceline explained that the loan can’t be delivered due to technical issues with banking transactions since £10,000 is such a large amount. Jocelin proposed the solution that Lily deposits a smaller amount of £2000 to the Cash Flex account, and they would return it shortly along with the full payment of £10,000.

Lily was desperate and under a lot of stress. It seemed to her she was just a tiny step away from getting her money and she simply wanted to get it done with the whole process. She wasn’t thinking clearly, and this is what scammers do. They exploit emotional turmoil to rob people of their money. Lily gave away her money and she waited. An hour passed, several hours passed, a whole day passed and she hadn’t received any money.

Normally, Lily was beside herself. She contacted Joceline but received no response. She used all the email and phone contacts on the site, but none of them were responsive. Then to her horror, she received a notification on her mobile that her account was dried out. Someone had made a transaction to the very same account Joceline gave her.

What happened was that crooks use personal and bank information to take over the victim’s account, and then they transfer money to themselves. Lily was devastated, to say the least. In her confusion she tried to explain everything to her bank, but she was met with very little understanding.

Lily knew she had to do something. She didn’t have any more money to hire lawyers or any type of professional aid, so she was looking for affordable solutions. This is how she came across the Money Back Experts Step-by-Step Guide and bought it.

It took her 3 days to carefully read the guide and 2 more days to prepare her case. Lily was ready to confront her bank with carefully compiled dispute documents that the MBX Step-by-Step Guide gave her. This time she presented her case clearly and she followed the guide’s instructions on how to deal with her situation.

After two months of disputes with her bank, Lily was able to fully reclaim her stolen money. Sadly she lost the chance to rent her coveted location for the bakery, but she was able to regain her money. It took her longer but she was finally able to open her baking business.

**Disclaimer** – The cases you are reading on our site are testimonials that have been voluntarily provided by satisfied users of Money Back Experts Step-by-Step Guide. For privacy reasons, real names of people and places have been altered. However, in certain cases, we have kept the name of the scam to spread awareness of their fraudulent activities.


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